Cargo Registrations Jan-Dec 2005 

Monthly updated listing of all (unique) cargo aircraft registrations for the year 2005 mentioning the date of the first operation through Luxembourg Airport for this year

sorted by Registration / Date

  A/c Registration ATA: ATD: Flight Routing
1 4K-AZ23 03Jan/1745z 03Jan/2015z AZQ4227/AZQ4228 BAK-LUX-BAK-TBS
2 4K-AZ56 16Jan/1220z 16Jan/1822z AZQZ4227/AZQ4228 BAK-LUX-GYD-TBS
3 4X-AXF 18Jan/1800z 19Jan/0710z ELY1703 TLV-LUX-PVG-ALA
4 4X-AXH 31Jan/1839z 01Feb/0645z ELY1701 TLV-LUX-PVG-ALA
5 4X-AXK 06Jan/1929z 07Jan/0620z ELY2001 TLV-LUX-PVG-ALA
6 4X-AXL 01Jan/1923z 02Jan/0516z ELY2002 PVG-ALA-LUX-TLV
7 4X-AXM 18Jan/0958z 18Jan/1228z ELY1701 TLV-LUX-PVG-ALA
8 4X-ICL 08Jan/1434z 08Jan/1750z ICL941 TLV-LUX-JFK
9 4X-ICM 28Jan/1705z 30Jan/0745z ICL961 TLV-LUX-ATL-YQX
10 5U-MBH 19Oct/1412z 21Oct/0800z  /  JNB-LUX-JNB
11 5X-BON 24Oct/2120z 25Oct/1135z AJK1087/CLX9377 LOS-LUX-LOS
12 9G-MKG 03Feb/1420z 03Feb/1615z MKA109/MKA111 OST-LUX-NLA-NBO-PHC
13 9G-MKH 27Jan/1659z 28Jan/1523z MKA109/MKA111 OST-LUX-NLA-NBO-PHC
14 9G-MKK 10Mar/1610z 10Mar/1955z MKA109/MKA111 OST-LUX-NLA-PHC
15 9G-MKL 01Jan/1117z 02Jan/2020z MKA902/MKA811 MFM-SHJ-LUX-SSG
16 9G-MKM 02Jan/1205z 02Jan/1542z MKA813/MKA607 OST-LUX-VCP
17 9G-MKN 11Sep/xxxxz 11Sep/xxxxz Technical ops ???
18 9G-MKP 04Jan/0645z 05Jan/2210z IRA4707/MKA802 THR-LUX-SSG-LOS-JNB
19 9G-MKQ 03Jan/0754z 03Jan/1851z MKA807/MKA800 MFM-BKK-DXB-LUX-PHC-JNB
20 9G-MKR 05Jan/2012z 06Jan/0850z MKA123/MKA905 OST-LUX-DXB
21 9G-MKS 02Jan/1652z 02Jan/1908z MKA123/MKA813 OST-LUX-JNB
22 B-18701 09Jan/1333z 09Jan/1700z CAL345/CAL346 TPE-AUH-LUX-AUH-BKK-TPE
23 B-18702 02Jan/0515z 02Jan/0804z CAL245/CAL246 TPE-AUH-LUX-AUH-BKK-TPE
24 B-18703 06Jan/1431z 06Jan/1724z CAL363/CAL364 TPE-AUH-PRG-LUX-AUH-DEL-TPE
25 B-18705 21Jan/1334z 21Jan/1632z CAL345/CAL346 TPE-BKK-AUH-LUX-AUH-BKK-TPE
26 B-18706 03Jan/0642z 03Jan/0929z CAL345/CAL346 TPE-AUH-LUX-AUH-BKK-TPE
27 B-18707 02Jan/1259z 02Jan/1604z CAL343/CAL344 TPE-AUH-LUX-PRG-AUH-DEL-TPE
28 B-18708 13Feb/1335z 13Feb/1733z CAL345/CAL346 TPE-BKK-AUH-LUX-AUH-BKK-TPE
29 B-18709 07Jan/1300z 07Jan/1528z CAL345/CAL346 TPE-BKK-AUH-LUX-AUH-BKK-TPE
30 B-18710 05Feb/1309z 05Feb/1629z CAL245/CAL246 TPE-AUH-LUX-AUH-BKK-TPE
31 B-18711 13Jan/1449z 13Jan/1800z CAL363/CAL364 TPE-AUH-PRG-LUX-AUH-DEL-TPE
32 B-18712 06Jan/1156z 06Jan/1457z CAl257/CAL258 TPE-AUH-LUX-MXP-AUH-BKK-TPE
33 B-18715 17Jan/1235z 17Jan/1519z CAL245/CAL246 TPE-AUH-LUX-AUH-BKK-TPE
34 B-18716 01Jan/0528z 01Jan/0734z CAL345/CAL346 TPE-AUH-LUX-AUH-BKK-TPE
35 B-18717 24Jan/0454z 24Jan/0800z CAL345/CAL346 TPE-AUH-LUX-AUH-BKK-TPE
36 B-18718 05Jan/1344z 05Jan/1551z CAL345/CAL346 TPE-AUH-LUX-AUH-BKK-TPE
37 B-18719 08Feb/1540z 08Feb/1748z CAL243/CAL244 TPE-CMB-LUX-CMB-TPE
38 B-18720 04Jun/1121z 04Jun/1537z CAL245/CAL246 TPE-AUH-LUX-AUH-BKK-TPE
39 B-18721 14Aug/1113z 14Aug/1535z CAL345/CAL346 TPE-BKK-AUH-LUX-AUH-BKK-TPE
40 B-2170 05Jan/0755z 05Jan/1000z CKK201/CKK202 PEK-PVG-LUX-PVG-PEK
41 B-2171 02Jan/1709z 02Jan/1954z CKK201/CKK202 PEK-PVG-LUX-PVG-PEK
42 B-2172 27Feb/0725z 27Feb/1044z CKK201/CKK202 PEK-PVG-LUX-PVG-PEK
43 B-2173 06Feb/1242z 06Feb/1545z CKK201/CKK202 PEK-PVG-LUX-PVG-PEK
44 B-2174 19Jan/0544z 19Jan/0838z CKK201/CKK202 PEK-PVG-LUX-PVG-PEK
45 B-2175 02Feb/0715z 02Feb/0922z CKK201/CKK202 PEK-PVG-LUX-PVG-PEK
46 D-ABYU 07Feb/1452z 07Feb/1715z CLX7161 AMS-LUX-ABJ-ACC
47 D-CCAS 29Sep/0400z 29Sep/0500z EXT531/EXT532 PIK-LUX-FRA
48 D-CCCA 10Jun/0545z 10Jun/0658z TAQ252 FRA-LUX-ABJ
49 D-FAST 08Jun/1245z 08Jun/1400z xx806/807 PRG-LUX-PRG
50 D-IAAZ 04Jan/1330z 05Jan/1400z xx401/xx402 PAR-LUX-PAR
51 D-IALL 23Feb/1300z 23Feb/1430z   BRE-LUX-BRE
52 D-IPCS 19Dec/1626z 19Dec/1645z EB9919 BRE-LUX-BRE
53 D-IROL 08Jun/1035z 08Jun/1200z xx806/807 PRG-LUX-PRG
54 D-ISHY 20Sep/1235z 20Sep/1400z FFG471/FFG472 CGN-LUX-VLC
55 EC-HZH 14Aug/ 14Aug/    
56 ER-ACI 29Dec/1720z 31Dec/1230z JL9002/JL9001 BUD-LUX-BUD
57 ER-ACS     MJL8006 Technical ops
58 ER-AXY 24Apr/1550z 25Apr/1037z MJL6040/MJL6030 CDG-LUX-POG
59 ER-AXZ 16Jul/1517z 16Jul/1950z MJL9003/9005 KUN-LUX-PHC
60 G-ARHW 15Aug/ 15Aug/    
61 G-BPYR 28Nov/ 28Nov/  /   / 
62 G-FIZU 19Apr/1545z 19Apr/1725z AAG708/AAG709 CVT-LUX-SNN
63 G-ORJA        
64 HA-FAF 24May/1045z 24May/1200z LH8100/LH8101 VIE-LUX-VIE
65 HA-TCP 10Aug/1345z 10Aug/1800z  /  GOT-LUX-GOT
66 I-OCEA 09Jan/2106z 11Jan/0915z CLX716 BUS-LUX-ABJ-ACC
67 I-OCEU 06Oct/ 06Oct/ Technical ops  
68 LX-FCV 02Jan/0516z 02Jan/0727z CLX7976/CLX7747 SIN-KUL-MAA-LUX-MXP
69 LX-GCV 02Jan/0749z 02Jan/1130z CLX7336/CLX7107 HKG-AUH-BCN-LUX-BZV-BEY-BZZ-LOS
70 LX-ICV 01Jan/0527z 01Jan/1037z CLX7615/CLX7906 LTX-BOG-BGI-LUX-KWI-MNL-TPE
71 LX-KCV 01Jan/0727z 01Jan/1442z CLX7335/CLX7746 HKG-SHJ-BUD-LUX-LAX-PDX-YYC-SEA
72 LX-LCV 02Jan/1028z 02Jan/1424z CLX7356/CLX7767 ICN-TPE-AUH-LUX-HSV-MIA
73 LX-MCV 01Jan/1944z 01Jan/2140z CLX8915/CLX750 LAX-SEA-LUX-HKG-GYD
74 LX-NCV 02Jan/1649z 02Jan/1959z CLX7997/CLX758 PVG-GYD-LUX-PVG-GYD
75 LX-OCV 01Jan/0715z 01Jan/1023z CLX7955/CLX7926 SIN-KUL-GYD-LUX-HKG
76 LX-PCV 02Jan/1708z 03Jan/0600z CLX7717/CLX7361 LAX-LUX-MXP-HKG
77 LX-RCV 02Jan/0719z 02Jan/0946z CLX7156/CLX7927 JNB-LUN-NBO-MST-LUX-BEY-HKG
78 LX-SCV 01Jan/1803z 01Jan/1954z CLX7915/CLX7366 TPE-BKK-GYD-LUX-MXP
79 LX-TCV 01Jan/0922z 01Jan/2046z CLX7995/CLX7966 PVG-GYD-LUX-GYD-HKG
80 LX-UCV 01Jan/0901z 01Jan/1201z CLX7415/CLX7946 HKG-GYD-HEL-LUX-MAA-KUL-SIN
81 LX-VCV 24Nov/0710z 25Nov/1757z CLX7513/CLX7745 SEA-LUX-LAX
82 LX-WAO 18Jan/0920z 18Jan/1340z Technical ops MMX-LUX-AMS
83 LX-WAP 17Jun/0920z 17Jun/1245z xx507/411 AMS-LUX-DUS
84 LZ-ASZ 22Jul/1435z 22Jul/1535z VSR7575/7576 GOZ-LUX-SOF
85 LZ-BRP 20Dec/1350z 20Dec/1747z BRW515/BRW516 PIK-LUX-BCN
86 LZ-CBE 29Mar/1230z 31Mar/1415 HLR625/HLR628 BUD-LUX-MAD
87 LZ-CBH 07Feb/1420z 08Feb/0540z HLR656/HLR715 LIS-LUX-AMS
88 LZ-VEA 21Jun/1820z 21Jun/1913z VEA5701/5702 STR-LUX-YQX
89 LZ-VEB 21Feb/1445z 21Feb/1640z VEA4701/VEA4702 HHN-LUX-BGW
90 LZ-VEC 14Sep/2025z 15Sep/1701z VEA1708/VEA4301 PDV-LUX-PRG
91 LZ-VED 16May/1510z 16May/1721z VEA3301/VEA3302 GYD-LUX-TBS
92 LZ-VEE 12Apr/0859z 13Apr/1331z VEA5301/VEA5302 ALG-LUX-BGW
93 LZ-VEF 12Jan/1325z 12Jan/2057z VEA3301/VEA3302 ATH-LUX-BGW-BOJ
94 N-279-AX 02Jan/0757z 02Jan/1051z CWC571/CWC572 BDL-LUX-BDL-MIA
95 N-305-FE 24Sep/1540z 25Sep/1353z CIU4852/CIU4851 KAN-LUX-BDL-MIA
96 N-322-FE 22Jan/1326z 23Jan/1701z CIU4852/CIU4851 VCP-LUX-VCP
97 N-354-MC 23Aug/0936z 23Aug/1154z XXX103 FRA-LUX-MIA
98 N-408-MC 22Mar/2013z 22Mar/2202z CLX7181/CLX7802 DXB-NBO-LUX-DXB
99 N-409-MC 05Feb/1711z 05Feb/2002z GTI603/GTI604 HSV-MEX-GDL-PIK-LUX-HSV-GDL-MEX
100 N-412-MC 05Jan/0946z 05Jan/1621z GTI607/GTI602 HSV-LUX-HSV
101 N-415-MC 19Jan/0723z 19Jan/0915z CLX7191/CLX8902 NBO-LUX-DXB
102 N-418-MC 03Feb/1359z 03Feb/2008z LH8613/GTI6024 STN-LUX-MEX-GDL-HSV
103 N-47888 23Jan/0630z 23Jan/1100z CWC571/CWC572 HSV-LUX-HSV
104 N-492-MC 16Jul/0855z 16Jul/1237z CLX7955/7906 SIN-MAA-LUX-KWI-MNL-TPE
105 N-493-MC 02Jan/0513z 04Jan/0449z CLX8916/GTI1004 HKG-GYD-LUX-AMS
106 N-496-MC 03Sep/1801z 03Sep/2000z GTI603/GTI600 HSV-JFK-PIK-LUX-HSV
107 N-497-MC 11Jan/1108z 11Jan/1325z CLX7191/CLX7802 JNB-NBO-LUX-DXB
108 N-498-MC 19Apr/0912z 19Apr/1249z CLX7191/CLX7802 NBO-LUX-DXB
109 N-499-MC 01Jan/1319z 01Jan/1557z GTI603/GTI604 HSV-PIK-LUX-HSV
110 N-522-MC 08Oct/1243z 08Oct/1845z GTI603/GTI600 HSV-LUX-IAH-HSV
111 N-527-MC 06Dec/1500z 06Dec/1658z EK4993/EK4992 SIN-DXB-LUX-DXB
112 N-528-MC 31Mar/1800z 31Mar/2035z GTI941/CLX7944 FRA-LUX-BUD-KWI-KUL-SIN
113 N-534-MC 21Oct/0927z 21Oct/1130z CES5067/CES5068 SZX-URC-LUX-SZX
114 N-535-MC 24Sep/0752z 24Sep/1030z FK902/CLX892 MIA-LUX-HKG
115 N-584-FE 09Jul/1848z 10Jul/1126z FDX9609 CDG-LUX-MIA-HSV
116 N-601-GC 11Jan/1412z 11Jan/1821z GCO5785/GCO5786 YMX-LUX-DOV
117 N-606-GC 18Oct/1954z 19Oct/0735z GCO4055/GCO7033 BRU-LUX-YQX-MIA
118 N-609-GC 29Jan/1640z 30Jan/1342z CIU4852/CIU4851 VCP-LUX-VCP
119 N-612-GC 08Jan/0754z 08Jan/0936z CWC805/CWC805 MIA-LUX-DXB
120 N-614-GC 06Dec/0720z 06Dec/1820z QR8525/QR8526 DOH-LUX-DOH
121 N-703-CK 28Nov/0520z 28Nov/0753z GEC8619/ SIN-LUX-BRU
122 N-704-CK 01Dec/0622z 01Dec/0905z K4 615/K4 213 MFM-SHJ-BKK-LUX-VIE
123 N-705-CK 11Jun/1102z 11Jun/1646z CK204 HSV-LUX-HSV
124 N-706-CK 28Nov/1515z 28Nov/1959z CKS9706/CKS204 DUS-LUX-YQX-HSV
125 OB-1749 02Jan/0915z 02Jan/1941z CIU4851/CIU4852 VCP-LUX-VCP
126 OO-LMO 06Jun/1418z 06Jun/1501z LIM406/LIM407 LGG-LUX-BGY
127 RA-11113 21Nov/1505z 21Nov/1805z NVI9641/NVI9642 DME-LUX-LED
128 RA-82042 22Feb/1440z 23Feb/0846z VDA4697/VDA866 DEN-LUX-LOS
129 RA-82044 03Dec/1530z 04Dec/1110z VDA4488/VDA4489 MFM-LUX-MFM
130 RA-82045 31Oct/1638z 01Nov/0732z VDA500/VDA501 TSN-ALA-LUX-EMA
131 RA-82046 02Jun/1842z 03Jun/1242z VDA490/VDA491 MFM-LUX-MHZ
132 RA-82079 30Nov/1440z 01Dec/1047z VDA4500/VDA4501 MFM-LUX-MXP
133 RA-82080 13Nov/1950z 14Nov/1200z POT1276/POT1277 MFM-BKK-LHE-GYD-LUX-TLS
134 SP-FDO 28Jan/1920z 29Jan/0820z xx520/xx521 ABZ-LUX-KTW
135 SP-FDT 21Apr/1320z 21Apr/1432z EXN771/EXN772 EVN-LUX-NCL
136 SU-BMZ 16Jul/1810z 16Jul/2112z MNB6016/6026 IST-LUX-IST
137 TC-ACT 22Oct/1745z 22Oct/2120z MNB6016/6026 IST-LUX-IST
138 TC-AGK 24Dec/1955z 24Dec/2147z MNB601/MNB602 IST-LUX-IST
139 TC-KZY 13Aug/1809z 13Aug/2005z MNB6016/6026 IST-LUX-IST
140 TC-MNA 02Jul/1750z 02Jul/1956z MNB6016/6026 IST-LUX-IST
141 TC-MNB 04Jun/1755z 04Jun/1950z MNB601/602 IST-LUX-IST
142 TC-MNC 08Jan/1905z 08Jan/2040z MNB6016/MNB6026 IST-LUX-IST
143 TC-MND 12Feb/1925z 12Feb/2150z MNB6016/MNB6026 IST-LUX-IST
144 TC-MNN 03Dec/1905z 03Dec/2116z MNB601/MNB602 IST-LUX-IST
145 TC-MNU 09Apr/2005z 09Apr/2123z MNB6016/MNB6026 IST-LUX-IST
146 TF-AMD 21Jan/0905z 21Jan/2215z CLX7564/CLX7565 FRA-LUX-MXP
147 TF-AMH 21Dec/0852z 21Dec/1015z LH8629/LH8629 SIN-LUX-FRA
148 TF-ARH 27Apr/0912z 28Apr/0754z CLX8703/CLX8704 JFK-LUX-DXB
149 TF-ARJ 08Jan/1026z 08Jan/1338z CLX7155/CLX7826 JNB-NBO-MST-LUX-SHJ-KHI-DXB-DAM
150 TF-ARP 17Jun/1035z 18Jun/1221z CLX782 PEK-LUX-SHJ-BEY-KHI
151 TF-ARW 31Mar/2004z 31Mar/2121z MAS6117 AMS-LUX-DXB
152 TF-ARY 23Jan/1825z 24Jan/1800z CLX7837/CLX8907 KHI-SHJ-DAM-LUX-GYD-HKG
153 TF-ATX 10Mar/1345z 10Mar/1705z MAS6117 AMS-LUX-DXB
154 TF-BBC 02Jan/1550z 02Jan/1633z BBD6813/BBD8147 KEF-LUX-KEF
155 TF-BBD 05Feb/1534z 06Feb/0940z BBD6811/BBD8127 KEF-CGN-LUX-KEF
156 TF-BBE 23Apr/0739z 24Apr/0804z BBD8116/BBD8127 KEF-LUX-KEF
157 TF-BBF 22Jan/0900z 23Jan/0920z BBD6811/BBD8127 CGN-LUX-KEF
158 TF-BBG 12Feb/1701z 13Feb/1310z BBD6811/BBD8127 KEF-CGN-LUX-KEF
159 TF-ELK 05Dec/0936z 05Dec/1155z EY9962/EY9963 SIN-DEL-AUH-LUX-DXB
160 TF-FID 07Oct/1055z 07Oct/1330z ICE748/BBD8125 HUY-LUX-KEF
161 TF-FIE 16Oct/0856z 16Oct/1119z BBD701/BBD8127 LGG-LUX-KEF
162 UR-11314 11Apr/1755z 11Apr/2025z UKW5495/UKW5497 RIX-LUX-NKC
163 UR-26077 02Feb/2108z 03Feb/0750z UCR137/UCR138 KBP-LUX-KBP
164 UR-26129 15Apr/0600z 15Apr/0840z UCR2919/UCR138 KBP-LUX-KBP
165 UR-82007 11Sep/1200z 12Sep/0825z ADB7670/ADB670 SIN-LUX-BRQ
166 UR-82009 16Nov/1448z 17Nov/1145z ADB8024 PVG-LUX-OST
167 UR-82029 20Sep/0619z 20Sep/0825z ADB2988/ADB2989 RMS-LUX-KEF
168 UR-82072 31Oct/1741z 01Nov/1045z ADB8012/ADB812 PVG-ALA-GYD-LUX-EMA
169 UR-BWM 15Jan/1958z 17Jan/0536z UCR137/UCR138 KBP-LUX-KBP
170 UR-CBG 18Apr/1643z 19Apr/1730z VIZ2379/VIZ2380 XCR-LUX-TBS
171 UR-CBH 12Jan/1925z 14Jan/1219z VIZ2372/VIZ2373 BFS-LUX-KID
172 UR-CBU 10Apr/1551z 11Apr/0926z SWW2114/SWW2115 GYD-LUX-TBS
173 UR-CCP 09Dec/1228z 09Dec/1445z VIZ2385/VIZ2386 LCA-LUX-PAN-LCA
174 UR-DWA 04Jan/2041z 05Jan/0749z UCR137/UCR138 KBP-LUX-KBP
175 UR-DWB 02Jan/2019z 03Jan/0456z UCR137/UCR138 KBP-LUX-KBP
176 UR-DWD 10Feb/2120z 11Feb/0758z UCR137/UCR138 KBP-LUX-KBP
177 UR-LAI 30May/1851z 31May/0623z DW137/DW138 KBP-LUX-KBP
178 UR-LTG 13Jan/2003z 14Jan/1359z VRE482/VRE484 TBS-LUX-TBS
179 UR-SMA 17Feb/1440z 17Feb/1857z VRE481/VRE2481 GOZ-LUX-LBV
180 VP-BIC 09Nov/0545z 09Nov/0803z VDA293/VDA5062 TSN-KJA-LUX-MOW
181 YL-RAB 31Mar/1500z 31Mar/1730z MTL306/MTL1306 HEL-OST-LUX-PIK
182 YL-RAD 22Dec/0511z 22Dec/0705z MTL303/MTL304 PIK-LUX-EMA
183 YL-RAT 28Oct/ 28Oct/ MTL306 Technical ops
184 ZS-OSI 07Jan/1755z 08Jan/0651z AIN201/AIN661 MSE-LUX-TBS

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